Black Mamba Disposable Torque-Grip Nitrile Gloves BX-BMGT

  • Box of 100 extra grippy disposable Black Mamba gloves
  • Well suited to plumbing, mechanics and industrial tasks
  • Textured Grip Rite finish offers grip in oil and water
  • Offers further strength, chemical resistance and durability
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Black Mamba Disposable Torque-Grip Nitrile Gloves BX-BMGT

Featuring a raised textured Torque-Grip pattern, the extra strong Black Mamba Disposable Torque-Grip Nitrile Gloves BX-BMGT are perfect for use in oily, tricky and tactile tasks such as those found in mechanics and automotives. The gloves are so durable that they can withstand chemicals, knocks, scrapes, tears and more, making these a highly versatile option for many applications.

Purchase Quantity

Each purchase of the Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves includes a box of 100 gloves.

Sizing Information

To find your perfect size, please measure the width of your hand across the palm (as demonstrated in the image below). Please match your result to the table below in order to find your ideal size of gloves. If you fall between two sizes, we would recommend selecting the larger for a looser fitting glove and the smaller if you'd prefer a tighter fitting glove.

Measure the width of your hands as indicated

Size Width (mm)
Medium 90mm or below
Large 100mm or below
Extra Large 110mm or below
XX-Large 120mm or below

Read our guide to sizing for more information about finding your perfect size.

How Do the Black Mamba Torque-Grip Disposable Gloves Protect Your Hands?

The Black Mamba Torque-Grip Disposable Gloves are extremely strong disposable gloves, offering resistance against knocks, scrapes, chemicals, oil, water and abrasion. They can also protect against irritable skin, with a latex and powder-free construction. Their fantastic protective properties is what makes these gloves so popular among mechanical workers and engineers.

Performance Ratings

  • EN 374 (Chemical Resistance): 
    • EN 374-2: Movement on a liquid and micro-organism through materials, seams, pinholes and other imperfections.
    • EN 374-3: Prevents the movement of a chemical through a glove material.

What Chemicals Can I Use the Black Mamba Disposable Gloves With?

Condition Chemicals Protection Level
AC Coil Cleaner Hydroflouric Acid 48% Good
Antifreeze Ethylene Glycol Very Good
Automotive Diesel/Petrol Very Good
Battery Acid Sulphuric Acid Good
Carbolic Acid Phenol Fair
Caustic Potash Potassium Hydroxide Very Good
Drain Cleaner Sodium Hydroxide Very Good
Freon 11 Trichlorofluoromethane Good
Freon 12 Dichlorodifluoromethane Good
Freon 21 Dichlorodifluoromethane Good
Freon 22 Chlorodifluoromethane Good
Muratic Acid Hydrochloric Acid Good
Oven Cleaner Sodium Hydroxide Very Good

Key Features and Benefits

  • Raised Torque-Grip allows for exceptional grip, even in oily and wet working environments
  • Patented NITREX used Two-Ply Fushion Strength to provide fantastic durability, ideal for extended use
  • Some of the most durable disposable gloves on the market with impressive tear resistance
  • So tough that they can protect your hands against knocks and scrapes
  • Full nitrile coating offers three times the chemical resistance that latex and vinyl can provide
  • Designed to provide a low level of resistance against water and oil, ideal for mechanics
  • Powder and latex free to reduce irritation on your hands during use
  • Flexible design is easy to don, making fast disposable and replacement possible

Who Can Use the Black Mamba Nitrile Torque-Grip Gloves?

The Black Mamba Nitrile Torque-Grip Gloves are suitable for many tasks. Don't be fooled by their disposable nature as Two-Ply Fushion Strength makes them suitable for mechanical environments too, while their raised textured grip is particularly ideal for tricky, slippery and tactile tasks. Suitable tasks include:

What Environments Can I Use the Black Mamba Disposable Gloves In?

The Black Mamba Gloves are designed for a range of environments, as their thick nitrile material can withstand a range of different risks. Suitable environments include:

  • Wet environments
  • Oily environments
  • Chemical environments
  • Dirty environments
  • Clean environments
  • Outdoor environments
  • Indoor environments

Why Are the Black Mamba Torque-Grip Gloves So Strong?

The Black Mamba Gloves use Two-Ply Fushion Strength, something provided by the NITREX polymer that fuses a polymer to improve elasticity. This means that the gloves can sometimes be used twice in a row, with their superb strength suitable for withstanding the tests posed in mechanics. Strength specifications can be found below:

Factor Strength
Tensile Strength - Pre-ageing Min. 22
Tensile Strength - Post-ageing Min. 19
Elasticity Strength - Pre-ageing Min. 550 - 700%
Elasticity Strength - Post-ageing Min. 400 - 500%

Why Are the Black Mamba Torque-Grip Gloves So Grippy?

Torque-Grip is a form of raised grips that can make dropping items more difficult. This textured pattern is ideal for handling oily and wet items such as small nuts and bolts or the tools needed for mechanics. As the grip is retained even in slippery conditions, these gloves are perfect for many industries where water, grease and oil are present.

Key Specifications

The Black Mamba Torque-Grip Gloves BX-BMGT are some of the most versatile disposable gloves on the market, with their impressive strength meaning that you can use them as light protection against knocks and scrapes. Key specifications include:

Specification Property
Length 245mm
Material Nitrile
Sterility Non-sterile
Cuff Rolled and beaded cuff
Interior Powder-free and polymer fusion
Glove Exterior Fully textured with Grip Rite finish
Ambidextrous Yes
Suitable to Wear Over Gloves Yes
Quantity 100

What Materials Are the Black Mamba Gloves Made From?

Materials include:

  • Nitrile
  • Powder-Free

Additional Information

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