Best Winter Window Cleaning Gloves 2024

14 January 2024

Cleaning windows is hard work at the best of times, but when winter arrives with its frosted window panes and freezing water buckets, work can become a real slog. That's why it's important to protect yourself against the cold and wet hands with a quality pair of waterproof winter gloves.

Find the best gloves for winter window cleaning

Here at we work tirelessly to bring customers the best gloves available on the UK market. We've consulted our experts and collated a list of the Best Winter Window Cleaning Gloves. All of our gloves have been selected based on expert opinion, cost-effectiveness and customer feedback, so you know you're getting the best money can buy.

Choose Your Gloves

If you're looking for something in particular, here's what we're going to cover:

Best All-Round Waterproof Winter Window Cleaning Gloves

Portwest Liquid Pro Cut-Resistant Gloves AP81

Portwest Liquid Pro Waterproof Cut-Resistant Gloves AP81Why We Love Them...

  • Double latex layer ensures 100% waterproof design
  • Broad range of resistances make these one powerful pair of gloves
  • Special foam coating guarantees a good level of grip
  • High level of tactical feedback thanks to slimline design

Perfect For...

  • Companies looking for an affordable pair of outstanding window cleaning gloves

Not So Good For...

Editor's Review: We love the Portwest Liquid Pro Gloves AP81 because they pack so much into an affordable price. Ideal for companies in need of a new standard of window cleaning gloves, the AP81 gloves guarantee a 100% waterproof design with a range of resistances, including protection against punctures and cuts. 

Best Chemical-Resistant Winter Window Cleaning Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 7390 Thermal Chemical Resistant Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 7390 Chemical-Resistant Thermal GlovesWhy We Love Them...

  • Effective protection against industrial and household chemicals
  • Waterproof outer layer with extended wrist cuffs to prevent infiltration
  • Sanded grip pattern allows for a secure grip
  • Fleece lining keeps the hands warm

Perfect For...

  • Window cleaners whose hands are easily irritated by chemicals

Not So Good For...

Editor's Review: You'd hope that working with the same chemicals day in day out would help you build a tolerance, but our hands are sensitive and can become extremely irritated without proper precaution. Designed to protect against a broad range of dangerous industrial and household chemicals, the waterproof Ejendals Tegera 7390 Thermal Gloves are our top choice for keeping irritated hands both dry and comfortable. 

Best Dexterous Winter Window Cleaning Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 517 Thermal Waterproof Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 517 Thermal Waterproof GlovesWhy We Love Them...

  • Close but comfortable fit keeps your hands nimble and efficient
  • Synthetic leather offers excellent wind protection
  • Fleece lining proofs hands against both water and cold
  • Hi-vis layers between digits allow for optimal visibility

Perfect For...

  • Window cleaners working in tight corners that require optimal flexibility

Not So Good For...

Editor's Review: Windows on both listed and older buildings are often squeezed between tight spaces, which means a pair of dexterous gloves will come in handy. With a close anatomic fit, the Ejendals Tegera 517 Thermal Waterproof Gloves provide your hands with an excellent level of dexterity, along with a range of resistances, including protection against wind, water and cold. 

Our Best Thermal Winter Window Cleaning Gloves

MaxiDry Zero Thermal Waterproof Gloves 56-451

MaxiDry Zero Thermal Waterproof Gloves 56-451Why We Love Them...

  • Excellent protection against freezing temperatures
  • Innovative lining repels both oil and water
  • Protect against hot surface temperatures of 100°C
  • Award-winning dermatological gloves, ideal for sensitive skin

Perfect For...

  • Very cold conditions and handling hot water

Not So Good For...

Editor's Review: Warmth and water resistance are a window cleaner's winning combination in winter and the MaxiDry Zero Thermal Gloves 56-451 take our pick for the best thermal gloves. Not only will the MaxiDry protect against extremely cold temperatures, but their specialised coating protects against hot surface temperatures of 100°C, allowing you to handle hot buckets of water with ease. 

Our Best Cut-Resistant Winter Window Cleaning Gloves

Polyco Polyflex Hydro C5 PHYK Cut Resistant Safety Gloves

Polyco Polyflex Hydro C5 PHYK Cut Resistant Safety GlovesWhy We Love Them...

  • High level of protection against cuts and tears
  • Hydrophobic coating resists water without extra bulk
  • Nitrile palms repel oil and grease to improve your grip
  • Touchscreen compatibility for when the job's done

Perfect For...

  • Scaling buildings and using equipment with sharp edges

Not So Good For...

Editor's Review: It's very easy to cut your fingers while wearing poor window cleaning gloves, and to make matters worse, these cuts will sting in hot soapy water. Fusing both cut-resistant fibres with a hydrophobic coating, the Polyco Polyflex Hydro C5 PHYK Gloves will ensure your hands stay dry and cut-free.

Our Conclusion

Hopefully our blog has given you some good ideas on the best window cleaning gloves for you this year. Choosing the best gloves is a difficult task as conditions for window cleaners are often unpredictable due to dynamic workplace environments and weather. If you're still unsure about what to pick, we recommend our All-Round Winter Window Cleaning Gloves, the Portwest Liquid Pro Cut-Resistant Gloves AP81. Powerful and affordable, what's not to love?

Do you have questions or anything to add? Leave a comment below!

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