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Best Cut Resistant Gloves 2022

Wednesday, 24 November 2021  |  Admin

Here at we sell a wide range of Cut-Resistant Gloves for all types of industries. However, finding the right gloves can be a little difficult, not least because we have such a wide range of gloves available. This guide is designed to help you buy the right gloves for you.

Find the Right Cut-Resistant Gloves for You

To make your choice easie,r we've separated this guide out into different sections, each one explaining our top glove for your chosen industry. Click on any of the points below to head on down to the area of your choice, or scroll down to view each area in full.

Best All-Round Cut-Resistant Gloves

Portwest Cut-Resistant PU-Coated Handling Gloves A622G7

Portwest Cut-Resistant PU-Coated Handling Gloves A622G7

Why We Love Them...

  • Offer a combination of cut resistance, grip, dexterity and a good level of heat resistance
  • Grippy PU coating for a superior level of grip in dry conditions
  • Touchscreen capability for convenience in hazardous environments
  • Highly flexible for precision handling tasks

Perfect For...

  • Assembly, building, steelworks, glass handling, metal handling and more.

Editor's Verdict: The Portwest A622G7 Gloves are some of our most versatile cut-resistant gloves, with the thin design combining dexterity, grip and cut-resistance. The gloves are also resistant to heat, making them a highly versatile pair.

Best Glass and Metal Handling Cut-Resistant Gloves

Ansell Edge Seamless Liner Cut-Resistant Gloves 48-700

Ansell Edge Seamless Liner Cut-Resistant Gloves 48-700

Why We Love Them...

  • Thin and flexible aramid cut-resistant glass handling gloves
  • Reinforced thumb crotch for protecting the key area of your hands
  • Seamless liner improves dexterity during use
  • Economical choice for high cut risk tasks

Perfect For...

  • Handling sharp items such as glass, metals and steel

Editor's Verdict: The highly economical Ansell Edge 48-700 Gloves are thin, dexterous, flexible and cut-resistant gloves that excel during glass, metal and steel handling. A reinforced thumb crotch protects key areas.

Best Cut-Resistant Gloves for Kitchens

Polyco Bladeshades Seamless Knitted Cut Resistant Glove (Single)

Polyco Bladeshades Seamless Knitted Cut Resistant Glove

Why We Love Them...

  • Certified as suitable for use with wide range of foods, including fish, poultry, processed meats and frozen items
  • Use Dyneema technology for handling knives
  • Seamless for providing a high level of grip and dexterity
  • Colour-coded for use in multi-food environments

Perfect For...

  • Use in food processing, food retail, kitchens and more

Editor's Verdict: The Polyco Bladeshades are a popular choice for kitchens, with their colour coded design allowing you to use them in multi-food environments. The Dyneema material allows you to safely use the gloves with knives.

Best Thermal Cut-Resistant Gloves

TraffiGlove TF5070 Thermic Cut Level D Safety Gloves

TraffiGlove TG5070 Thermic Cut Level D Safety Gloves

Why We Love Them...

  • Latex coated for keeping the hands warm
  • Cosy woollen fleece effectively shields your hands from temperatures as low as -10°C
  • Good cut resistance for handling in cold stores and freezers
  • Pebbled exterior offers a superior degree of grip

Perfect For...

  • Cold store, freezer and outdoor work

Editor's Verdict: The TraffiGlove TG5070 Thermic Cut Level D Gloves are your cut-resistant gloves for cold environments, with good abrasion resistance proving perfect for handling items such as bricks and goods. Good grip is ideal for handling frozen items too.

Best Needle-Safe Cut-Resistant Gloves

HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 9032 Needlestick Utility Gloves

HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 9032 Needlestick Utility Gloves

Why We Love Them...

  • Level F blade cut-resistance – the highest cut-resistance available
  • Designed to prevent needles from injuring the hands
  • Lightweight design for tactility and dexterity in handling tasks
  • Nitrile coating offers a high level of grip

Perfect For...

  • Police work, law enforcement, charity work, refuse work, waste management, recycling tasks

Editor's Verdict: The HexArmor PointGuard Ultra 9032 Needlestick Utility Gloves are designed to prevent lacerations and punctures to the hands thanks to their SuperFabric material. This makes the gloves popular among law enforcement and waste management workers.

Best Oil-Resistant Cut-Resistant Gloves

MaxiCut Ultra Level C Palm-Coated Grip Gloves 44-3745

MaxiCut Ultra Level C Palm Coated Grip Gloves 44-3745

Why We Love Them...

  • Exceptional nitrile grip suits these gloves for tricky handling tasks
  • Oil-resistance for superior handling in slippery conditions
  • Maximum abrasion-resistance for working with coarse materials
  • Cut-resistant high molecular polyethylene ideal for high risk work

Perfect For...

  • Handling tasks in industries such as warehousing, mechanics and engineering

Editor's Verdict: The MaxiCut Ultra Grip Gloves combine cut-resistance with fantastic oil-resistance, making them perfect for engineering and mechanics tasks. The gloves are also highly dexterous, ensuring control during precision handling tasks.

Best Heat-Resistant Cut-Resistant Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 134 Cut Resistant Welding Gauntlets

Ejendals Tegera 134 Cut Resistant Welding Gauntlets

Why We Love Them...

  • Offer exceptional resistance against burns, heat, flames and molten metal
  • Certified for welding and electrostatic work
  • Kevlar lining offer outstanding cut protection
  • Goatskin lining is highly durable for tough work

Perfect For...

  • Welding work, metalwork, steelwork, fabrication, gas work and foundry

Editor's Verdict: The Ejendals Tegera 134 Cut Resistant Gauntlets offer outstanding against heat and cuts. This combination makes them highly popular within the welding and foundry industries.

Buy Your Cut-Resistant Gloves Now

Hopefully this guide has allowed you to find the best cut gloves for you. If you're still stuck for choice, take a look at our Cut-Resistant Gloves category, where you can find all of the gloves available including gloves By Level, for Metal Work, for Butchery, for Kitchens and Much, Much More.

If you have any questions or anything to add, please leave a comment below.

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