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Catering Gloves

All Catering Gloves

The food industry is booming and caterers are always in need of good quality protective gloves to protect their hands in a variety of prep and handling applications. Browse our full range of Catering Gloves here at, with a variety of gloves available, ranging from oven style mittens to disposables.

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Catering Oven Gloves

It's essential that caterers protect their hands while handling food from hot ovens, especially as their hands are their primary tools in catering applications. Fortify your hands with our range of Catering Oven Gloves, a selection of work gloves/mittens with heat resistant fibres designed for working with sweltering oven surfaces.

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Disposable Catering Gloves

Working in the catering industry and handling foodstuffs can leave workers in need of readily available disposable gloves that have been certified to the latest UK safety standards. Browse our full range of Disposable Catering Gloves here at, with a broad range of colour-coded variants and resistances available for purchase.

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