How to Find Your Perfect Glove Size

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Choosing the right glove size is important. We stress that you don't dive in and go with a medium because you think your hands are an average size, but take the time to measure your hands according to the sizing guide that you will find in each and every listing. An ill-fitting glove is only ever going to put your safety at risk.

Three Reasons Why Glove Size Matters

  1. Your Safety: The main result of an ill-fitting glove is less safety for you. An ill-fitting glove won't provide the right protection in the right part of the hand, whereas a well-fitting glove will fit snugly and cover all areas.
  2. Your Comfort: During a long shift at work, comfort is paramount. A nicely fitting glove can really make a different, reducing stress while handling and reducing the impact of abrasion, cuts, knocks and scrapes.
  3. Your Bank Account: To put it simply, an ill-fitting glove will just not last as long. Baggy areas on the glove are open to damage, while a tight glove will put unnecessary stress on a glove seams.

How to Choose the Right Sized Gloves

Every single glove on our website will include sizing information, and we encourage that you read this information before purchase. After all, we care for your safety and the right sized glove is just as important as the standards that a glove will offer.

When purchasing a glove, you will be asked for at least one of the following measurements:

  1. Hand Circumference: Most reusable gloves, and some disposable gloves
  2. Hand Length: Most reusable gloves, rarely disposable gloves
  3. Hand Width: Most disposable gloves, rarely reusable gloves
How to measure hand circumference and hand length
If you see this image in the product listing, you must measure your hand circumference and hand length
How to measure my hand width
If you see this image in the product listing, you must measure your hand width

1) Hand Circumference

The first thing you will be asked to measure for most of our gloves is the circumference around your hand. This must be just below the knuckles and excluding the thumb. Keep your fingers together, and for the best results use a piece of string which you can then match to a ruler or tape measure.

2) Hand Length

This is pretty simple. Measure the length of your hand from where your wrist ends and your hand starts, to the tip of your middle finger. You can use a ruler or tape measure for the most accurate results.

3) Hand Width

For most of our disposable gloves you can expect that you will have to measure the width of your hand. Similar to the hand circumference, measure the width of your hand just below the knuckles and excluding the thumb. As with hand length, we would recommend that you use a ruler or tape measure for the most accurate results.

Please note that all measurements will be in millimetres unless mentioned otherwise.

Choose the Right Size

We recommend that you never guess your size. The last thing you want is to receive an ill-fitting glove that you have to return. Every single glove on our website has sizing measurements in the listing, and if it doesn't, well you can let us know by calling 020 7501 0597.

05 January 2021  |  22:36

Hi there, I was wondering if you could advise as to which size I would be best getting for the Skytec Argon Thermal Waterproof Metal-Detecting Gloves.
My circumference is 229mm and my length is 204mm. Would I be better going for size 9 or 10?
Many thanks

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