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Animal Handling Gloves

All Animal Handling Gloves

Not all animals are friendly, so it's important to keep your hands protected against potential risks like bites or skin irritation. Browse our full range of Animal Handling Gloves, a selection of safety gloves with a variety of intended species and applications, including dog bite gloves and feral cat gloves.

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Anti-Bite Gloves

A wide variety of animals across the UK can puncture skin with a bite, which is why it's essential to protect your hands against such a risk. Browse our range of Anti-Bite Gloves, a selection of robust safety gloves reinforced with dense materials against punctures from sharp teeth and fangs.

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Aggressive Dog Handling Gloves

If you're looking for gloves to fortify your hands against the dangers of aggressive/volatile dogs, look no further than our Aggressive Dog Handling Gloves, a selection of padded safety gloves ideal for workers in kennels and vets. Whether the dog is large or small, our gloves provide an effective barrier between you and your canine.

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Bird Handling Gloves

Birds require careful handling due to their delicate wings and potential to peck and pierce skin. Protect your hands with our range of Bird Handling Gloves, a selection of lightweight and puncture resistant safety gloves ideal for professions such as veterinarians, zookeepers, ecologists and workers who handle aviary.

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Bite Proof Gloves

Some aggressive animals pose a real risk of biting your hands or fingers which may cause permanent damage without the right protection. Protect your hands against fangs and teeth with our Bite Proof Gloves, a range of puncture resistant work gloves designed for animal workers, ecologists and veterinarians.

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Cat Handling Gloves

Both domesticated cats and feral cats can pose a risk of injurying workers in the veterinary and animal control fields without proper protection. Protect your hands with our range of Cat Handling Gloves, a selection of lightweight safety gloves for protection against injury from cat claws and fangs.

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Cat Scratch Resistant Gloves

Without the proper precautionary measures, working with cats (both domesticated and feral) can leave you with some deep scratches. Protect your hands from scratches with our range of Cat Scratch Resistant Gloves, a selection of lightweight and cut resistant work gloves designed for veterinarians, cat lovers and animal handlers.

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