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Care Home Gloves

All Care Home Gloves

Care homes contain some of the most vulnerable people in our society, so it's essential that carers and care home workers protect their hands as well as possible against contamination and virus transfer. Browse our full range of Care Home Gloves, a selection of disposable gloves with different capabilities, including foodstuffs protection.

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Nitrile Care Home Gloves

Nitrile is an excellent material for disposable care home gloves as they are more robust than latex variants, and capable of resisting oils and liquids. Browse our full range of Nitrile Care Home Gloves here at, with a wide selection of medical-grade disposable brands available for purchase.

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Vinyl Care Home Gloves

Vinyl is an excellent material for protection against oily substances, emulsions and other liquids, making it a great material for disposable gloves. Protect your hands with our full range of Vinyl Care Home Gloves, a wide selection of disposable gloves suited for food preparation in care homes to protect against cross contamination.

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Surgical Care Home Gloves

Care homes contain some of our most vulnerable citizens, which unfortunately means that emergency surgical procedures and operations are likely to be performed in order to save lives. Protect your hands against contamination with our range of Surgical Care Home Gloves, a variety of medical-grade disposable gloves for handling patients.

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