The TraffiGlove TG1050: Our Top Pick for Light Handling
Our Top Pick - Polyco Matrix P Grip 400-MAT
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Bricklayers Gloves

All Bricklayers Gloves

Here at, we stock a range of Bricklayers Gloves, including popular glove brands such as MaxiDry and Polyco. With a huge array of gloves to choose from, you can browse our full range of safety gloves to both protect and enhance your hands during wet and dry work, general construction and more.

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Concrete Resistant Gloves

Working with concrete can be extremely frustrating without the right pair of work gloves, especially if you're working against the clock. Browse our full range of Concrete Resistant Gloves, a selection of quality safety gloves designed to resist the complications that derive from both wet and dry concrete mix.

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Thermal Bricklaying Gloves

Bricklaying can be hard work at the best of times, but in the cold winter months it can be a real slog. Protect your hands against both the biting cold and wet/dry concrete with our Thermal Bricklaying Gloves, a selection of winter lined work gloves with a range of mechanical resistances.

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Waterproof Concrete Gloves

Construction workers face an array of dangers and tricky conditions on site, with wet concrete and water clogged tools and materials high on the list. Protect your hands with our full range of Waterproof Concrete Gloves, a selection of water resistant work gloves with additional resistances against wet concrete, chemicals and more.

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