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Builders Gloves

All Builders Gloves

Builders work in difficult conditions with a range of abrasive and oily materials, so it's essential they protect their hands as much as possible. Catering for builders of all shapes and sizes, our full range of Builders Gloves include cut-resistant, grippy and impact-resistant gloves for every difficult task.

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Builders Cut-Resistant Gloves

Some applications on building sites involve sharp and dangerous tools and materials, which require specialised gloves to protect your fingers and palms. Armour yourself with our full range of Builders Cut-Resistant Gloves, a selection of high-quality work gloves with cut-resistant fibres and a range of assets useful to construction workers.

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Builders Grip Gloves

Without a good grip on building and construction sites you can be on track for a serious injury, so it's essential you give your hands the right kind of protection. Browse our full range of Builders Grip Gloves, a selection of hardwearing builders gloves with extra grippy palms and fingers for dexterous applications.

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Builders Impact Gloves

There are many accidents that can occur on a building site, but falling debris and tools are among the most serious risks. Fortify your hands against the impact of falling materials with our range of Builders Impact Gloves, a selection of work gloves with reinforced armour across the knuckles and backs of hands.

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Thermal Builders Gloves

Construction work doesn't stop in winter, but for all the builders out there, that means freezing temperatures and even harder shifts. Insulate your hands against the cold with our range of Thermal Builders Gloves, a selection of hardwearing gloves with winter fleecing and a variety of other benefits for winter construction.

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Waterproof Builders Gloves

In the worse cases, rain and flooding can greatly affect construction projects, but even on good days, water has a way of disrupting construction work. Browse our full range of Waterproof Builders Gloves, a selection of safety gloves with water resistant fibres and a broad range of mechanical resistances.

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