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Butcher Gloves

All Butcher Gloves

It's important to protect both yourself and your produce if you are a butcher, especially if you are in the process of cutting and dividing your meat. Facilitate a safer work environment with our full range of Butcher Gloves, a selection of cut-resistant safety gloves certified to the UK's latest foodstuffs certifications.

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Chainmail Butchers Gloves

Chopping and cutting meat can leave your hands and fingers vulnerable to some severe cuts without the right protection, especially if you're handing razor sharp knives. Protect your digits with out range of Chainmail Butchers Gloves, a selection of hardwearing safety gloves fitted with chain links for a high level of resistance against lacerations.

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Cut-Resistant Butchers Gloves

Butchers need to protect their hands as much as possible when cutting meat and produce, not just because they're most at risk, but also because their hands are their most valuable tools in their hands-on career. Browse our Cut-Resistant Butchers Gloves, a selection of high performance gloves with cut resistant fibres.

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Kevlar Butchers Gloves

Kevlar fibres offer some of the best protective qualities available, and as butchers are vulnerable to cuts and lacerations, it makes sense to protect them with the best protection money can buy. Browse our full range of Kevlar Butchers Gloves, a selection of high quality safety gloves with Kevlar fibres.

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Insulated Butchers Gloves

If you work with meat in a market stall or next to the frozen food store, it's bound to get too cold for comfort, so it's essential you keep those hands both warm and protected. Fortify your hands with our range of Insulated Butchers Gloves, a selection of hardwearing foodstuffs gloves with thermal lining.

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