The TraffiGlove TG1050: Our Top Pick for Light Handling
Our Top Pick - Polyco Matrix P Grip 400-MAT
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Engineering Gloves

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Engineering and maintenance work can be highly dangerous, especially due to the presence of oily and greasy tools and abrasive materials. Browse our full range of Engineering Gloves here at, with a broad range of mechanically robust gloves coated in a variety of nitrile, polyurethane and neoprene coatings for better handling. 

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Light Engineering Gloves

It's important to protect your hands while dealing with oily tools and materials in engineering workplaces, but without a lightweight glove, your hands can become sluggish and fatigued, leaving you vulnerable to potentially dangerous mistakes. Browse our full range of Light Engineering Gloves, with a wide variety of lightweight work gloves available for purchase.

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