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Our Best Summer Work Gloves 2024

1 Comment2 February 2024

Summer feels like it arrives just a bit earlier every year. Unfortunately that means we're more likely to be unprepared for bright weather and hot temperatures. If you like to plan ahead, it's probably a good idea to get yourself a pair of gloves that'll ward off the summer heat.

Best summer work gloves 2021 at

Here at, we work with some of the UK's biggest manufacturers of safety gloves, so we know what it takes to keep your hands both safe and cool. We've created this guide to help you find the best pair of summer work gloves available. All of our gloves have been selected according to:

  1. Cost Effectiveness
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Expert Opinion

Where Do I Start?

You can start by scrolling through our guide, or if you know what you're after, just check out the links below to locate your preferred gloves directly:

Best Summer Gloves for Handling

MaxiFlex Ultimate Lightweight Gloves 42-874

MaxiFlex Ultimate Lightweight Gloves 42-874Why We Love Them...

  • Advanced micro cup finish allows for vacuum grip on tools
  • Releases a cooling agent during hot weather
  • Great for protection against tears and abrasions
  • Less than 1mm thickness for excellent touch sensitivity

Key Information

  • Standards: EN 388 - 4131X
  • Great for hot weather handling work in warehouses

Not The Best For...

Editor's Review: With a dynamic cooling agent that releases upon hot weather, the MaxiFlex Ultimate Lightweight Gloves 42-874 are some of our best value and high tech summer gloves here at To out-perform other gloves in handling work, their 1mm thickness and micro cup finish combine for a powerful, flexible grip. 

Best Summer Gloves for Gardening

Briers Green and Black Bamboo Gardening Gloves

Briers Green and Black Bamboo Gardening GlovesWhy We Love Them...

  • Hygienic interior with internal deodorant that eliminates odours
  • Hands are kept cool and dry thanks to humidity control
  • Completely sustainable construction
  • Cuffs provide additional wrist protection 

Key Information

  • Standards: None
  • Ideal for allotment work and gardening

Not The Best For...

Editor's Review: Gardening is tiring  work at the best of times, but in the summer sun it can be downright exhausting. Close-fitting and comfortable, the Briers Green and Black Bamboo Gloves actively regulate your temperature while their deodorising interior keeps your hands fresh and invigorated. 

Best Summer Gloves for Driving

Portwest Oves Leather Driving Gloves A260

Portwest Oves Leather Driving Gloves A260Why We Love Them...

  • Breathable sheepskin leather prevents overheating
  • None of the usual fatigue that accompanies long drives
  • Super durable, will outlast all other driver's gloves
  • Relieves hot hands while gripping steering wheels

Key Information

  • Standards: EN 388 - 2132X
  • Ideal for driving long distances

Not The Best For...

Editor's Review:  Who'd have thought full-fingered sheepskin gloves could keep you cool? Well they do - the Portwest Oves Leather Driving Gloves A260 actively keep your hands from overheating while you're gripping the wheel of your car or lorry. 

Best Summer Gloves for Building

MaxiCut Ultra DT Cut Level C Cooling Gloves 44-3455

MaxiCut Ultra DT Cut Level C Cooling Gloves 44-3455Why We Love Them...

  • Excellent protection against mechanical risks
  • Nitrile micro cups offer great grip in dry/damp places
  • Good resistance to cuts and lacerations from tools
  • Patented microfoam coating ensures 360° breathability

Key Information

  • Standards: EN 388 - 4542C
  • Ideal for builders, mechanics and DIY

Not The Best For...

Editor's Review: If you work with your hands, you'll know how necessary it is to be quick and dexterous - but in hot weather this can quickly get exhausting. Blending a high level of breathability with a lightweight design, the MaxiCut Ultra DT Cut Level C Cooling Gloves 44-3455 cool your hands for maximum freshness throughout your shift, while unique nitrile palms strengthen your gripping power. 

Best Summer Gloves for BBQs

Grippaz Black Semi-Disposable Nitrile Fishscale Gloves (Pack of 50)

Grippaz Black Semi-Disposable Nitrile Fishscale Gloves (Pack of 50)Why We Love Them...

  • Phenomenal against grease and oil, ideal for BBQs
  • Anatomic fit with zero sweaty palms or sticky fingers
  • So well made you can reuse each pair over and over
  • Fishscale patterned palms boost your grip

Key Information

  • Standards: EN 455, EN 374-1 and EN 374-5
  • Great kit for stall owners and grill parties

Not The Best For...

Editor's Review: Grease and oil are part of the summer experience, but too much can leave you grasping at straws. While standard latex gloves overheat and stick over an hour, the Grippaz Black Semi-Disposable Nitrile Fishscale Gloves (Pack of 50) remain cool and whole throughout their wear, with unmatched durability that has never been seen before in a pair of disposables.

Stay Cool This Summer

Just because the weather is getting warm, that doesn't mean that you have to drop your tools. We hope you have found our blog and informative and helpful.

Have any questions, or anything to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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