Ejendals Tegera 612 Latex Coated Contact Heat Resistant Gloves

  • Pair of contact heat and mechanical hazard resistant work safety gloves
  • Essential wear for blacksmiths, mechanics and automotive engineers
  • Contact heat resistant for 15 seconds up to 100°C
  • Inexpensive method of outfitting an entire workforce with quality protection
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Ejendals Tegera 612 Latex Coated Contact Heat Resistant Gloves

Are you looking for gloves that are lightweight and contact heat resistant? Offering protection from 100°C contact heat for up to 15 seconds and versatile mechanical protection, the Ejendals Tegera 612 Latex Coated Contact Heat Resistant Gloves are perfect for a range of different professions. 

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  • Each purchase includes one pair of gloves

Sizing Information

Wearing the wrong size safety glove can not only compromise your comfort but your safety too, especially when working with heat and sharp materials. Thankfully, finding the right size for you is simple using our sizing guide, just measure the circumference of your palm (ignoring the thumb area) and the length of your hand as indicated in the image below.

How to Measure Your Hand to Find the Perfect Size Glove

Once you have your measurements, consult the table below for the perfect sized glove for you. 

Size Circumference (mm) Length (mm)
Size 7 178mm 171mm
Size 8 203mm 182mm
Size 9 229mm 192mm
Size 10 254mm 204mm

Read our guide to sizing for more information about finding your perfect size.

How Do the Ejendals 612 Gloves Protect Your Hands?

Offering good protection from abrasion, cuts and punctures, the Ejendals 612s are extremely versatile safety gloves with the added bonus of having the highest rating of tear resistance available, making them extremely durable. Additionally, they can also protect from contact heat of up to 100°C for up to 15 seconds, preventing your hands from being burned. 

Performance Ratings

For a glove to be sold as a safety garment in Europe, the fabric used in its manufacturing process must first be tested to determine the level of protection it provides. Please view the information below to see how Ejendals 612 Gloves performed when tested:

EN 388 (Protection Against Mechanical Risks)

  • 2142X

EN 388 is a European regulation governing the sale of gloves used for safety and protection. It determines the gloves' performance when used for protection against mechanical machinery by measuring the fabric's abrasion, cut, tear and puncture resistance.

Test Result
Abrasion Level 2
Cut Level 1
Tear Level 4
Puncture Level 2
Blade Cut N/A

Read our guide to EN 388 for more information.

EN 407

EN 407 is the European safety regulation that deals with garments and gloves sold as being heat, fire and burn proof. It uses a range of tests detailed below to determine the level of protection a piece of fabric provides the user.

Standard Resistance Rating
Resistance to Burning N/A
Resistance to Contact Heat Level 1 (Resistant When Handling 100°C Material for 15 Seconds)
Resistance to Convective Heat N/A
Resistance to Radiant Heat N/A
Resistance to Small Splashes of Molten Metal N/A
Resistance to Large Splashes of Molten Metal N/A

Suitable Applications and Professions

Thanks to their combination heat and mechanical hazard resistance, Ejendals 612 Gloves are suitable for a wide range of professions and environments. Please see the list below for a few examples we've put together:

Key Features and Attributes

  • Latex coated for enhanced grip strength and stability
  • Waterproof palm ensures your hands stay dry and warm for longer
  • Breathable back fabric allows air circulation while you work
  • Contact heat resistant when handling 100°C objects for up to 15 seconds
  • Inexpensive price makes outfitting and entire workforce easy
  • 10 gauge design makes for a medium-weight, tactile but durable glove
  • Versatile EN 388 mechanical hazard protection
  • Available in four different sizes for a guaranteed fit

Contact Heat Resistance

Ejendals 612 Safety Gloves allow the user to handle material heated to a maximum temperature of 100°C for fifteen seconds. This allows blacksmiths, mechanics, welders and foundry workers ample time to transfer material from one place to another.

Latex Palm-Only Coating Benefits

A palm only coating allows the back of a glove to breath. Full coatings trap odour and can become sweaty because they do not allow for a natural flow of air. A palm only coating keeps the vulnerable palm area protected whilst remaining light and breathable in the face of heavy perspiration and odour.

What Are the Benefits of Latex?

Latex is an incredibly durable, cost-efficient coating. Due to its widespread usage and inexpensive nature, gloves manufactured with it are inexpensive whilst remaining high quality. Latex coated gloves tend to have better grip, higher puncture resistance and better tear resistance than their nitrile counterparts. 

Waterproof Palm

A waterproof palm is incredibly useful during winter. Even when it's not raining, working outdoors can expose your hands to sediment, condensation, residue, damp and a range of other liquids. A coated, impenetrable palm ensures your hands stay dry and warm no matter what your application.

Inexpensive Design

Outfitting an entire workforce can quickly get very expensive. Ejendals 612 Safety Gloves are available at an incredibly affordable price for the protection they offer. Whether you're purchasing for a small workforce or an entire department, 612 Gloves protect your hands and your wallet.

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