Ejendals Tegera 8804R Infinity Nitrile Coated Contact Heat Resistant Gloves

  • Pair of contact heat and mechanical hazard resistant safety gloves
  • Ideal for professionals operating machinery and handling heated material
  • Reinforced thumb crotch prevents fabric from tearing and splitting
  • Contact heat resistant when handling material of temperatures up to 100°C
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Ejendals Tegera 8804R Infinity Nitrile Coated Contact Heat Resistant Gloves

The Ejendals Tegera 8804R Infinity Nitrile Coated Contact Heat Resistant Gloves can offer protection from 100ºC contact heat for up to 15 seconds, despite having a minimal 18 gauge design that allows you fantastic dexterity and tactile sensation. The reinforced thumb crotch provides additional protection and the fantastic abrasion resistance makes this glove extremely durable.

Purchase Quantity

  • Each purchase includes one pair of gloves

Sizing Information

Wearing the wrong size safety glove can not only compromise your comfort but your safety too. Thankfully, finding the right size for you is simple using our sizing guide, just measure the circumference of your palm (ignoring the thumb area) and the length of your hand as indicated in the image below.

How to Measure Your Hand to Find the Perfect Size Glove

Once you have your measurements, consult the table below for the perfect sized glove for you and select your preferred option from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Size Circumference (mm) Length (mm)
Size 7 178mm 171mm
Size 8 203mm 182mm
Size 9 229mm 192mm
Size 10 254mm 204mm

Read our guide to sizing for more information about finding your perfect size.

How Do the Ejendals 8804R Infinity Gloves Protect Your Hands?

The Ejendals Tegera 8804R gloves offer across the board mechanical protection, helping to keep you safe from cuts, tears and punctures, including particularly effective abrasion resistance. The thin but dense 18 gauge fabric is fantastic at protecting your hands from contact heat without reducing your ability to dexterously manipulate objects with your hands.

Performance Ratings

For a glove to be sold as a safety garment in Europe, the fabric used in its manufacturing process must first be tested to determine the level of protection it provides. Please view the information below to see how Ejendals 8804R Gloves performed when tested:

EN 388 (Protection Against Mechanical Risks)

  • 4121X

EN 388 is a European regulation governing the sale of gloves used for safety and protection. It determines the gloves' performance when used for protection against mechanical machinery by measuring the fabric's abrasion, cut, tear and puncture resistance.

Test Result
Abrasion Level 4
Cut Level 1
Tear Level 2
Puncture Level 1
Blade Cut N/A

Read our guide to EN 388 for more information.

EN 407 (Protection Against Heat, Burning and Molten Material)

  • X1XXXX

EN 407 is a European safety regulation governing the sale of gloves and garments that are resistant to any number of fire, heat and molten related hazards. Please view the table below to find out more:

Standard Resistance Rating
Burning Resistance N/A
Contact Heat Resistance Level 1 (100°C)
Convective Heat Resistance N/A
Radiant Heat Resistance N/A
Resistance to Small Molten Splashes N/A
Resistance to Large Molten Splashes N/A

Suitable Applications and Professions

Thanks to their combination of mechanical hazard resistances, the Ejendals 8804R Gloves are suitable for a wide range of professions and environments. Please see the list below for a few examples we've put together:

Key Features and Attributes

  • 18 gauge design promotes the natural feel, touch and tactility of your fingers
  • Tight design feels like your note wearing a glove at all
  • 100°C contact heat protection for up to 15 seconds
  • Across-the-board EN 388 mechanical hazard protection
  • DMFa chemical free fabric
  • Foam nitrile coating excels in damp and dirty warehouse conditions
  • Textured palm enhances grip strength to prevent slips and grip issues
  • Spandex incorporated lining is flexible and taut
  • Available in four different sizes for a guaranteed perfect fit

See Infinity 8804R Gloves in Action

Please view the video below to see the full range of functions, features and attributes that Ejendals Infinity Gloves have to offer:

Nitrile Coating Benefits

Nitrile is an incredibly flexible coating that provides additional resistance to oil, fuel and chemicals. Nitrile is used as a protective glove coating because it matches the pliability of latex with the hazard and injury protection properties of a heavier, woven glove.

Ejendals nitrile coating

Contact Heat Resistance

Handling machine parts and other heated material can cause serious damage to your hands. Ejendals 8804R Gloves allow you to handle material of a temperature up to 100°C for up to fifteen seconds. Ideal for blacksmiths, machinists, foundry workers and welder, this allows for the quick and controlled transfer of heated and hazardous material in the workplace.

Sensitive Skin Friendly

If you have sensitive or irritation prone skin, you'll know that wearing safety gloves can aggravate the condition of your hands. A common reason for this is the use of chemicals and accelerators like dimethylformamide (DMFa). Ejendals Tegera Infinity Gloves are manufactured without DMFa, making them ideal for those with dermatological conditions like eczema.

Textured Palm Coating

A textured palm coating enhances grip strength and stability. The slightly grainy surface adheres to whatever it is you're carrying or lifting, preventing objects slipping and sliding out your hands. 8804R Gloves use a foam nitrile coating that sucks up moisture, grease and sweat to prevent slick substances further compromising your grip stability.

Reinforced Thumb Crotch

The thumb area is an inherently weak area in a glove due to the angle at which the thumb hole fabric positions itself away from the rest of the glove. This means tears, rips and damage frequently occur in this area. 8804R Gloves pad this area out with reinforced fabric and a spandex lining to make the thumb stronger and more flexible. This prevents abrupt rips occurring when you are carrying weighted material.

A reinforced thumb crotch prevents rips, tears and fabric damage

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